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Being a wedding photographer since 2007, I have had the privilege of covering almost 300 weddings all over South Africa.  It has been an amazing journey and a privilege to have seen the places my photography has taken me to.

Photography for me is mysterious and difficult to explain. I fell into this career by a fortunate accident. I am one of a fortunate few people that love my work.

Being based in Graskop since 2012 (Nelspruit 2003-2011) provides me with a unique oportunity to cover weddings all over the Lowveld, in particular bushveld weddings.

I have a relaxed approach when it comes to wedding photography.  My style of photography captures the moment, sometimes artistic, sometimes photo journalistic and will ensure a different blend of timeless wedding photos - fun to look at every time you open your wedding album!

 I hope you enjoy viewing my pictures as much as I have enjoyed creating them!

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